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Elisa Granato, Uk Covid-19 Vaccine volunteer Debunked Rumours of her Death

There have been speculations making rounds on Social media and blogs that Dr Elisa Granato one of the first human injected with Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccine is Death. According to the Rumours she died from complication two days after being injected with the Vaccine (Oxford trial vaccine)
following the article about her death, Granato tweeted about the news before making her Twitter account private. She wrote: "Nothing like waking up to a fake Article on your death... I am doing fine everyone"

Fergus Walsh Medical correspondent for BBC put a skype call through her to confirm her health status, he said:

"Fake news has been circulating on social media that the first volunteer in the Oxford vaccine trial has died.  This is not true!  I spent several minutes this morning chatting with Elisa Granato via Skype.  She is very much alive and told me she is feeling “absolutely fine” 
He shared a video of Elisa on his twitter account where she was seen, saying: "I am very much alive thank you, I am having a cup tea, it's Sunday 26 April, three days after my birthday, three days after I got the vaccine or the control, we know and I am having a nice Sunday and i hope everyone else in the world has too". 

 According to Fergus the head of the Oxford Vaccine Group, Prof Andrew Pollard, who is leading the trial said “this sort of fake news could damage our ability to tackle a pandemic.  We can’t let that happen.”
Links to the article were posted in a number of Facebook groups which oppose vaccination.  The claim has circulated in several languages.  Some of the posts have now been removed.