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How To Make Delious Macaroni Salad

In this time of lockdown, a lot of people will consume more carbohydrates than necessary because it's the common meal an average Nigerian can afford, So today I will teach you how you can spice up your carbohydrate meal, we are going to do that by making macaroni salad together.  

Macaroni is often served as a side dish to barbecue, fried chicken, or other picnic dishes. But Foodies like us replace it with main meal or eat it in between meals.

To make a macaroni salad you will need the following  ingredients:
4.vegetable oil 1tablespoon 
7.Apple cider vinegar 
These ingredients can easily be found in any grocery store.

Procedure on how to make a macaroni salad

1. Boil 1 Litre of water, add in 1 tablespoon of salt with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.pour in 200grams macaroni elbow to boil.
2. Boil for at least 10minutes or until it’s cooked. stir occasionally and do not overcook it.
3. Drain out the water and rinse with clean water then place it in a bowl.
4. Add in your diced carrot, cucumber, and eggs.mix everything together.
5. Add in mayonnaise with some few drops of your apple cider vinegar to give it a little sour taste(flavour).
6. Stir and mix it to a coat, then refrigerate until it's ready to be served.

Note that macaroni salad can be preserved for days and can be kept in a refrigerated container.
Written by: Ogar Shile Matilda Ngukuran