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How To Make Lemon, Ginger, Mint and Cucumber Detox Water For Flat Tummy

Detox water is a Natural and refreshing drink which hydrates and improve the digestive system. Also, it offers a lot of detoxing benefits, this amazing recipe is full of goodness from fruits, herbs, vegetables etc, It keeps you refreshing and hydrating and helps in immune-boosting, it's a natural detoxifying and super awesome in improving digestive health.

According to research people that drink Detox water five times in week have the best energy health.
Here are some essential health benefits you can derive from drink Detox water.

1.increase in energy level
2.Boosting immune function 
3.helps in the Removal of toxins 
4.Helps in weight loss 
5.Improves better digestive health 
6. It helps in balancing the blood pressure of the body 
7.Improves the complexion of the body 

To make one at home you will need the following Ingredients: 

1.Lemon......2 (sliced)
3.Mint ......10-15 leaves 
4.Ginger......small piece 
5.Water......2 litres

Cucumber is 96% water so they provide a little flavour and hydration 

Mint is also good it provides a touch of sweetness with sugar and good for digestion 

Lemon is a natural detoxifier, it helps to cleanse the body by flushing out toxins and also boosting the immune improves better digestion 
How to make your detox water

1. In a large bottle, turn in 2 litres of normal room temperature water 
2. Add in your sliced lemon, cucumber, ginger and mint leaves 
3. Cover and keep overnight and finish the water the next day.

You can use the same mixture for 2 days then on the 3rd day make a fresh one.
It is actually known as the flat tummy water.

Written By: Ogar Shile Matilda Ngukuran