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Jennifer Lopez Sued for $150,000 (58 million) Over the use of Instagram photo

According to E! News, popular New York photographer, Steven Sands is accusing America Actress and Singer Jennifer Lopez and her production company Nuyorican productions for the sum of  $150,000 in damages for copyright infringement. 

The lawsuit filed by the plaintiff, states that Jennifer Lopez posted a photograph of herself that was taken by the photographer to promote her brand on Instagram, where she has over 119 million followers, without expressly requesting for permission of any kind or pay compensation to the photographer for the used of the photo which got a total of 656,000 likes on Instagram, according to court documents, the photographer is "entitled to statutory damages up to $150,00 per work infringed" 

The defendant lawyer Richard Liebowitz who filed the lawsuit says the number of likes the photograph received and the number of followers the singer received it is good enough to commercialize the post. 

This is a big lesson to Nigerian celebrities
As well, especially to those that usually repost photos taken of them without giving due credit. It does matter whether the photographer took a photograph of you, permission must be sought before using such photograph for commercial purposes.