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Love Wins Covid 19, Italian couple marks Golden anniversary in life support

photo credit: Roberta Ferretti

Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus the world tradition of hand-holding, handshakes, hugs and kisses have changed, social distancing has replaced what the world used to share as deep affections toward each other, no doubt the Covid 19 Coronavirus Pandemic has put sorrows in the faces of families across the globe especially families that have lost loved ones to the deadly Coronavirus, the sad part is when some of the infected people passed on in their isolation centres they get buried right away, with no farewell from family members, that is done to prevent widespread of the virus.
 Daily mail Au shared a touching story of an elderly Italian couple with coronavirus who mark their golden wedding anniversary by holding hands in their hospital bed after medics organized for them to be together, Italy is among the top countries with worst cases of the Covid 19 Coronavirus, we pray and hope the couple love for each other will help them fight this deadly virus and come out from life support.