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MURIC Nigeria says Kano deaths could be a plot to reduce the Muslim population

In the past weeks that have been unexplained deaths in Nigeria's biggest Northern city Kano State, the NCDC office in the state has been shut down because a large amount of it health workers tested positive to Coronavirus. 

There have been several speculations about the cause of deaths in the state, some said the herbal Covid-19 vaccines that NCDC warned against are the ones killing people while others speculate that the deaths are caused by Covid-19 Coronavirus, currently investigation is ongoing to ascertain the actual cause of deaths in the state.

MURIC Nigeria on Monday, April 27,  made an absurd claim, 
in a statement through it director Ishaq Akintola saying 
“The National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) in the state has locked up its offices and its officials are not responding to distress calls. The only testing centre in Kano which is situated at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital has also been allegedly locked up. So where did NCDC get its figure on Kano? Something is fishy here. We are surprised that testing centres are almost nonexistent in the North. Is this a deliberate attempt at debilitating Northern population with its attendant impact on Muslim majority population in the country?" 

“We, therefore, demand an inquiry into circumstances surrounding the alleged closure of NCDC office in Kano State as well as the paucity of testing centres in the whole North. He added 

“We advise Kano citizens in particular and the rest of Nigerians in general to take half a tea-  of habat as-sauda (black seed) with honey every morning to boost their immunity. Warm water should be added thereafter. During his lifetime, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recommended habat as-sauda as remedy for all diseases. Some COVID-19 patients have also testified to the effectiveness of habat as-sauda".