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Americans call for justice over police brutality and killing of another Blackman

George Floyd a 46-year-old black American man from Houston was suffocated to death in an attempted arrest by Minneapolis police officers. The gruesome and horrifying encounter was captured on a cell phone camera and was posted to Facebook by Darnella Frazier.

In the video George was seen yelling and  pleading with the police officers who knelt on his neck trapping air from getting to his lungs, screamed:

"Please!  Please!  i can't breathe please ...please...My stomach hurts, my neck hurts. Everything hurts, I need water or something please! Please I can't breathe please, they will kill me, please I can't breathe." George Floyd cried out.

A black male bystander tried confronting the officers he said,  "you got him down let him breathe."

A female bystander drew their attention to his bleeding nose, she said, "His nose is bleeding, look at his nose." She asked the police officers "how long are y'all going to hold him down?" They ignored them both and continued with their satanic act.

An Onlooker tries talking the officers out of their inhumane behaviour he Said, 

"He is human bro, get off his neck you traping his breathing right there bro, you  think nobody understands that bro..., I trained at the stopping his breathing right there, Bro get him off the ground, bro you are being a bum right now."

But the officer kept on suffocating Mr George with his knees, the onlooker said to the officer "You are enjoying this right now look at your body language, get off him bro, he is not resisting arrest".
 Another onlooker a white woman asked them to check the black man's pulse, all their plea fell on deaf ears as the officer continue to place his knee on his neck while two other officers, who were exposed  by another cell phone camera, pinned Mr George down to the ground for 8 minutes until the man became motionless 
The male onlooker said to the officers, "you just really killed that man, bro".

The videos sparked unrest as Americans residing in Minneapolis joined the black community to protest to the Minneapolis police department seeking for justice.

The Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey while addressing residents of Minneapolis condemns the death of George he said:

"Being Black in America should not be a death sentence."

Minneapolis police department said the four police officers involved In the act have been fired, this means they are released of their enforcement duties but are still entitled to payment. The police chief said the officers are now  "former employees".  Narrating what happened the police chief said the officer responded to a distressed call of a " forgery in progress."

And that the suspect "got out of his car, he physical resisted the officers. Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress officer called for an ambulance."
He also said the FBI will lead the investigation of the case, the officers had activated body cameras.

A video obtained by reporters from a Surveillance camera showed that George was handcuffed before the incident occurred, so the narrative that he was resisting an arrest was a fat big lie.  
George Floyd's family are ready to seek justice, they are pressing charges.

Americans are calling for justice, Mayor carter in a statement on  his twitter page said: 
"The video of a Minneapolis police officer killing a defenseless, handcuffed man is one of the most vile and heartbreaking images I’ve ever seen. The officer who stood guard is just as responsible as his partner; both must be held fully accountable. This must stop now."