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JusticeForTina: Nigerian police has detained the officers that shot and killed 16 years-old Tina

Nigerian Police has identified the two police officers who mistakenly shot and killed Tina Ezekwe a 16 years-old girl on the 26th of May, 2020 at Iyana Oworo area of Lagos State while trying to arrest a commercial bus driver who broke lockdown curfew.

One of the eyewitnesses who saw what happened told BBC News that the policeman who shot and killed Tina was drunk and was trying to collect N200 Naira bribe from a bus driver, who he had accused of breaking lockdown curfew, the bus driver refused to settle him, the trigger happy officer got angry and shot him then arrested his conductor, when onlookers were gathering to arrest the police officer and his colleague for shooting the bus driver, they opened fire at them to defend themselves, that was how a bullet mistakenly hits Tina. 

King Ezekwe Tina's elder brother, narrating his account said one of the officers shot a commercial bus driver and arrested his conductor. 
Tina was with their mum in her shop helping her to sell pepper and fruits when they heard a gunshot people started running for their lives, Tina rushed out to run also and was gunned down the bullet hit her lap. King said he told the officer that his sister has been shot, but they ignored him and left. He rushed Tina to a hospital, where They administered first aid on her and said she has lost to much blood, Tina died while receiving treatment.

Nigerian police public relations officers Bala Elkana, in a statement on his Twitter account said, "The killer cop is identified, arrested and detained at the Headquarters. He will face the full weight of the law. Justice will surely prevail. Members of the public will be updated on the outcome of the investigation."