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Mercy Benjamin received backlash for accusing pastor Kumuyi as one of those that ruined her childhood.

Nigerian blogger and an unbeliever so she calls herself,  Mercy Benjamin took to her Facebook page to accused pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi the founder and general superintendent of the Deeper Life Ministry as one of those that ruined her childhood. in her post Mercy wrote:

"Pastor Williams Folorunso Kumuyi, I respect you as an individual because of the obvious radiating humble nature you exude. If not, I would have so disrespected you anyhow. You are one of those people who ruined my childhood.
You are one of those people who made my dad very comfortable with poverty, when there were several opportunities for him to take advantage of, because of your deluded preachings, those opportunities were considered a sin. Because of you. Pastor Kumuyi i respect you as an individual, but I am disappointed at your state of delusion and the multitudes you lead with it, In the name of God, Hell and Sin, people justify their wicked acts.

Broad is the way to hell, narrow is the way to heaven. It gives me peace knowing fully well, you and your multitudes are all going to the hell created for you all. I don't like you."

In another post, she wrote, "Deeperlife and their pastor Kumuyi, are one of the reasons, I became aware of the fraudulentness in christianity. 

I grew up without watching TV because it is a sin and was known as the "devil's box" back in the day. Can never be able to count how many times I was mercilessly flogged like a thief because I looked at the TV through a neighbours window and was caught. Today, Pastor Kumuyi uses the same "devil's box" to allegedly win souls for christ, and christ was aware that Kumuyi will be committing the same sin I was severely punished for. Growing up, poverty was a way of life, yet Pastor Kumuyi was never a poor man 
Christianity and its preachers are nothing but fraud. They only preach doctrines that best benefits them personally. Wake up."

Mercy is not only attacking the Christian faith she has also shared a photo accusing Muslim men of marrying underage girls.

Nigerians on social media are backlashing her for accusing the man of God. here are some of what they wrote:

Adegoke T. Israel wrote, "Mercy, am not surprised at your recent post against d Man of God bcos sons and daughters of perdition like u will never buy d truth until u eventually willed your eternal destiny to d devil your father. Blasphemers like u are not far-fetched in d scripture as your
knowledge is so darkened I mean with thick darkness with illusion from d pit of hell. I wish it won't be too late for your dear soul to be eternally doomed in hell. And if eventually u sorrowfully end up there with your co-blasphemers, I will give u d pretty advice that u rather report Pastor Kumuyi to d hell registrar and not us public that his preachings brought u to hell."

Godwin Eka wrote, "Everything kumuyi said, he backed it up with a bible passage... You're supposed to post your parents pictures here not Kumuyi..they were just so naive and dumb not to understand his preaching ..I'm a Deeper life member and I tell you what...Everything about his preaching was "if your left hand is gonna lead you to sin cut it off...I know you will not understand this because your understanding is as....up as your parent's own...what I mean is letting go of anything that will lead you to sin.. Kumuyi didn't say having wealth is a sin, in fact, he preaches about prosperity too... So stop blaming another man for your misfortune instead blame your parents for their low intelligent quotient.. He preached , he did not forced them to follow."

Nwachi Arochukwu G. Wrote, "Hi Mercy, do you have any sense of fear of God at all? You didn't understand what your mother was telling you about tv and now in your unbelieve, you are now accusing the man of God and Christianity as fake, be careful before it is too late for you."

King Eze wrote, "You are such a humillation to this generation... want to warn you, don't you ever bring the man of
God into your ruined life. He knows he's sheeps and his sheeps knows him...who are thou???"

Mike Azode wrote, "all upcoming atheists on this post keep entertaining us with your mediocrity. hopefully someday we will recognise you people. in the meantime keep on trying harder.
by the way hope y'all have a whatsap group?"