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Those saying Igbos hate Northerners are myopic, Igbos hate failure, not Northerners- Omokri

Nigerian Activist and Former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri who has been very vocal about the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, disagrees with those that think that the Igbos hate Northerners, the Activist speaking via a post on his Facebook account wrote:

"Those saying Igbos hate Northerners are myopic. Igbos hate failure, not Northerners. They rejected General Buhari because he is a complete failure, not because he is a Northerner. Yar’adua was a Northerner from the same state as Buhari, yet Igbos gave him 90% of their votes. It betrays your lack of intelligence for you to accuse people who prefer to build houses and businesses outside Igbo land of hating other Nigerians. Try to understand the Igbo. The Igbo man just wants to create wealth. Allow him. He will create for himself and for you, his host!".

 In another post, he shared the same day, he said "If you don’t respect Igbos, consider that without government assistance, Alaba Electronic Market generates $4 billion annual sales. When you add Onitsa and Aba Markets, the total comes to $6.5 billion. Add Ladipo Spare Parts Market, it jumps to $8 billion. Without oil, Nigeria’s Federal Government can’t generate what the Igbos are generating without government." 

 He argues that the Igbos can "survive without Nigeria’s government, but Nigeria’s government can’t survive without oil".  He added that " The Igbo apprenticeship system is not only the world’s largest venture capitalist scheme, it has produced more US dollar millionaires per capita than either Harvard or Yale universities." 

Praising the Igbos Omokri said, "To understand money, you must understand the Igbo race. Igbo is synonymous with SUCCESS. No other race on Earth, with perhaps the exception of the Jews, have a better excuse to be poor, as the Igbos. Militarily defeated and financially devastated in 1970, they overcame that in less than a generation, and prospered above any other ethnicity in Africa, bar NONE!."

Quoting Robert Neuwirth's TEDx Talks he shared a video clip of him saying 
“The Igbo Apprenticeship System that governs Alaba International Market is the biggest business incubator platform in the world”. Omokri said "You can’t watch this video and not respect the Igbo nation. It is impossible to hold the Igbo people down. The more you oppress them, the more they increase in number and prosperity. The Igbo are a force of nature. You can’t destroy them. The best you can do is harness their creative energies to advance the Black Race".he concluded.