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D'banj alleged rape case escalates

Seyitan Babatayo the lady who accused Nigerian singer D'banj of raping her at Glee hotel Victoria Island Lagos in December 2018. Has come out to debunk the rumours of Dbanj arresting her and her mum. There have been reports circulating the internet about Dbanj allegedly arresting Seyitan and her mum, deleting her tweets and requesting through his lawyer that Seyitan should pay him N100 million for false accusations, denying her access to her lawyers and friends.

The rape allegations started trending when Uwa's call for justice campaign was ongoing to curb out all sex offenders. Dbanj who didn't respond then said, " Today is exactly 1 week after my birthday and this will be the only time I will address the recent false allegations and lies from the pit of hell. I have chosen to do so because the incident is a slap to my marriage and my beautiful wife,  my entire family and those who believe in me. I did not want to dignify the slurs with a response but it appears my silence has empowered my accusers to think i have been scared into the shadows so I would like to state that This Accusation is false and ludicrous and Have been handed over to my Legal Team, while the Nigerian Police is Investigating the Criminal aspect of it. It’s unfortunate that this is coming a few weeks before the second anniversary of my late son Daniel And this well-timed falsehood has reopened the painful scars of my deep loss. To my fans and loved ones, thanks for the support, your prayers and your positive comments. The truth will always prevail. God bless us all." 

Some Nigerians online are claiming that Dbanj is using his popularity and resources to bribe the police to intimidate Seyitan to stop saying he raped her and to also drop her case, Ugo Ikeakor said: "Police intimidation and bullying have already made this rape case worse." 

Seyitan followers are claiming that the artist is not trying to get justice or clear his name, but he is trying to use the police as a tool to silence her. But Seyitan has come out to say the otherwise, in several tweets she shared on her Twitter account, in one of the tweets she said, "I don’t know where all these rumours are coming from. Myself and my mom were not and have not been arrested."

Her supporters are claiming that Dbanj had her arrested and is tweeting as her.

@samsimaxs said, ''u are invading in her privacy by tweeting with her phone which is against the LAW as u don't have a search warrant by a competent court likewise if she is typing this tweets under duress. Be warn! If u are daft, we aren't."

@urssunshine___ said, Seyi, please be safe. I’m sorry you are going through this. Please give her the phone!! Stop texting with her phone!"

@hiskenny09 said, "My Mom and I. Myself and my mom is typically Nigerian Police English. Give that lady her phone back Constable Rufai."

We noticed that the tweets she posted accusing and requesting for a public apology from Dbanj for allegedly raping her is no longer on her Twitter page, is she trying to call for attention with a new strategy to her case or is her phone with Dbanj for real? We will keep you updated.