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Dem Go Hear Word Foundation is Touching The lives of Nigerians

This year has been a topsy turvy one for everyone, especially with covid and the increasing number of infections and deaths worldwide. 

The first active case of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was recorded in Lagos, Nigeria by late February.

With a population of over 20 million, Lagos is seen as Nigeria’s de facto commercial capital. The increasing number of active cases forced the federal government to order a full lockdown in Lagos, Ogun & Oyo states, the three key Nigerian states where COVID-19 infections were most prevalent by March 30 2020. 
As the cases surged the lockdown was later expanded to include the 36 states and Abuja. 

Philanthropic responses to the pandemic have mainly followed two methods; cash donations from both the private and public sector and /or in-kind donations to private, and public healthcare providers, in form of ventilators, PPE (personal protective equipment) and fully equipped isolation/treatment centres.  
DEM GO HEAR WORD FOUNDATION is one of these private organizations addressing the harsh economic effects caused by strict lockdowns. 

They are focused on providing advice, support and assistance to widows, single mothers, orphans and the less privileged in Nigeria with emphasis in the Niger-Delta region.

The foundation was founded by Ekpe Peter Unuajohwofia aka DEMGOHEARWORD, a comedian, entrepreneur and social media influencer.  He was born on May 18, 1993, to Palmer and Justine Unajohwofia in Ethiope East Okpara Delta State, Nigeria. 
Peter started the foundation as a way of giving back to society. From personal experience, he knows what it was like to be born in an oil-rich city, see companies make money off the land but not provide the infrastructure needed by host communities to develop and prosper. This is from growing up and not having access to basic amenities like steady power, potable water or good roads. 

Between April 12 - 19 2020 the foundation embarked on a 7-day visit to several locations in Warri and its environs to distribute palliatives. Cartons of noodles, toilet rolls, tubers of yam, tins of milk, bags of rice and sachets of seasoning cube were shared to widows, single mothers, orphans and destitute around Warri.  
According to Peter, trust, an increasingly scarce commodity between government, politicians and the masses in the pre-COVID-19 period, has become even scarcer in these pandemic times. 
And with the government not doing nearly enough to help citizens, he feels it is only fair that private individuals and businesses pitch in to help whenever and wherever they can.