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How To Make Pizza Yourself At Home

Pizza is one of the most consumed snacks on planet earth, it's originated from Italy and it is among the top ten snacks the world love to eat, especially children and metropolitan teens, some enjoy eating the pizza more than their  African food, it's can also be categorised as a meal, one could wonder why they love the snack so much? Because it’s a dough yeasted bread with toppings and cheese,  with tomatoes, chicken, beef etc. In today’s episode, I will teach you how to make a homemade pizza for your loved ones.

Without further ado, let's jump right into it, Here is the list of the ingredients you need in making your homemade pizza dough (bread)

1.Flour....3 3/4cups
2.Yeast....2 1/4 teaspoons
3.Water.....1 1/2 cups(warm)
4.Salt.......2 teaspoons
5.Olive oil.....2 tablespoons 
6.Sugar ......1 teaspoon 

How to make a dough (pizza bread)
1. Mix all the dough ingredients together with your hand or use handheld or stand mixer.
2. Knead by hand or use the mixer to beat, but, I enjoy mixing mine with my hand.
3.After kneading, place the dough into a greased pan and cover tightly, and set aside to rise about 5minutes or place in the refrigerator overnight.
4. Pinch down the risen dough to free out air and then cut into two.
5. Roll the dough into a circle of about 12 inches then set aside.

Here are the ingredients you will need for your topping 
2. Mushroom- cut into pieces 
3. Onions - slice into rings
4. Sausage - cut into pieces 
5.Bell pepper 
6.tomato sauce
8.Sweet corn 
9. Chicken or beef- mince it 

Note that: toppings actually depend on you, can add whatever ingredient you like.

6.Prep the pizza toppings 
7. Cover the pizza dough with tomatoes, sauce and top up all the toppings on the dough.
8. Your cheese should be added last to hold all the toppings in place.
9. Bake pizza at a very high temperature for 15 minutes and your pizza is ready to be served.