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BBN: The housemates won their first Wager under the leadership of Ozo the HOH

Three weeks into the game this is the first wager the housemates are winning. The previous two tasks they were given, they failed woefully and were awarded no points, this week's task under the leadership of the new head of house Ozo, the housemates were gingered and they all had positive remarks on Ozo’s reign as HOH and Dorathy as his deputy, with his push they won their first wager and were awarded additional one thousand Betway bb naira. 

This week's task was a love musical. 
Dorathy played mother, Tochi played father and Erica played their Daughter who they wanted to give out in marriage to Prince the rich arrogant businessman, but Erica wanted to settle down with the love of her life Neo who is from a poor background, they both fought the odds and her parents later granted them their blessings. The rich businessman in a quest to win Erica's heart found Nengi who agreed to marry him too, he found his happy ending too. 
Prince, Dorathy, Tochi, Erica, Neo and Ozo who played the narrator puts an outstanding performance. 
big Brothers said he was tempted to award Prince for his amazing acting skills, Dorathy was praised too. The amazing musical was directed by tricky tee who is a filmmaker outside the house.