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Why the IGP ordered the arrest of Sunday Ighoho and what his arrest will cause.

Nigeria inspector-General of police, Mohammed Adamu has ordered the arrest of Yoruba activist, chief Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho for giving Fulani residing in Oyo State a seven days Ultimatum to exit the state. 

The arrest order was given to the commission of police Oyo state Ngozi Onadeko, to arrest and transfer him to Abuja for prosecution.

His arrest was ordered because he made a statement accusing Fulani herdsmen of the rising crime rate of kidnapping and killing in Oyo state which led him to ask all Fulani living in Oyo state and all the southwest states to leave the state within one week, following the Friday killing that occurred in Igangan Ibarapa North Local government of the State. 

The presidency also blames Mr. Sunday Igboho's utterances and action, claiming it led to his supporters storming and destroying some Fulani settlements in the state, these are some of the reasons why his arrest was ordered.

The news of his Arrest is already causing an uproar in the Southwest states and some Nigerians have taken to social media to react to what his arrest will cause in the country.

Morris Monye said; "I like the courage of Sunday Igboho.
The IGP should be seen to deescalate the situation by hearing and inviting all sides.
The IGP should find out. Were there really kidnaps, killings by Fulani Herdsmen, etc. He should investigate also, his fellow Yoruba men will betray him."

Femi Fani-Kayode said; "It would be dangerous, reckless & counter-productive for Buhari to ARREST or KILL Sunday Igboho. When the Northern youths demanded that Igbos should leave the north no-one was arrested. Why should Sunday be arrested or killed for asking KILLER Fulani herdsmen to leave Southwest...I advise the FG to tread softly because Sunday has the full support of the Yoruba nation because he has spoken for the people. Kill him & you make him a martyr for Oduduwa, arrest him & you make him the greatest hero of the Yoruba since independence. Whichever way he wins." He also advised the government to rather arrest the herdsmen that are killing & kidnapping the "people in the Southwest and not to arrest or kill those that are standing up & speaking for their victims.  According to him, Sunday did not ask for ALL Fulanis to leave Southwest He asked for the killers, terrorists & kidnappers to leave ibarapa...".