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The full story between DJ Cuppy and Zlatan Ibile that led to Davido's aide Lawsuit.

Nigerian disc jockey and daughter of rich businessman Femi Otedola, Miss Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola professionally known as Dj cuppy has threatened to sue Davido's aide and personal manager Mr Isreal Afeare over an alleged libel, concerning the dispute between herself and Nigerian musician Omonyi Raphael popularly known as Zlatan Ibile who she featured in one of her biggest hit song "Gelato". 

The whole drama started when Dj cuppy alleged that Zlatan Ibile has blocked her on social media. According to her tweet, she said:  " 10 months later and I sometimes still wonder why @Zlatan_Ibile blocked me on WhatsApp and Instagram without ever saying why; we were actually friends... AND "Gelato" was a hit!" 

Her revelation got their fans curious and wanting to know what had caused their strained relationship, the fans bugged their pages with series of questions which both parties ignored until, recently in an interview with soundcity tv where Zlanta was asked to explain what had happened between him and Dj cuppy which made him blocked her on all social media platforms, his reply shocked many, the rapper claimed not knowing who Dj cuppy was, this created more controversy and curiosity amongst their fans and their gist soon became the trending topic on all social media platforms. Nigerians started dragging the two celebrities to explain why they are not in a talking term.
Davido's personal and logistic manager Mr Isreal who also happens to be Zlatan friend took to his Instagram page to reveal the cause of their dissension.

According to Mr IsrealDMW, the two are not in talking term because of money. He said Zlatan took a bold step by flushing out a "full fake friend like Cuppy who was just using his head" under her father's billionaire influence. He went on saying that Cuppy and Zlatan collaboration which gave birth to her hit single Gelato did not benefit Zlatan because he wasn't duly compensated. Here are his exact words: 
"Kudos to someone like Zlatan, who took a bold step, by flushing out a full fake friend like Cuppy. who was just using his head, all In the name of my papa na Otedola. Zlatan did a hit collabo with her, ordinary one kobo, he no see. She also took Zlatan to Abuja, for her fundraising, where she made billions of naira, and didn't even remember Zee for one kobo till tomorrow. No accommodation, no feeding. Zlatan, had to even spend his own personal money at Transcorp Hilton, to Carter for everyone including me. Dis na 2021 abeg". A video of Davido and Zlatan Ibile discussing how Dj cuppy dad Otedola and friends were sharing money on her fundraising event and no cash was give to him, was leaked online, this sparked another controversy as twitter users dragged Dj cuppy calling her all sorts of names including being stingy. 
Cuppy also took to her Twitter page to respond in a rather comic way, she said: "I’ve learnt to kill them with kindness and rise above the noise #CuppyGoldDust...Super Story #FreeCuppy".

Just when we thought the drama had come to an end that was when Dj Cuppy took to her Twitter page again, this time to threaten Isrealdmw with libel litigation, she said, "For the record...There have been no breaches of my contractual agreement regarding the song #Gelato as confirmed by lawyers... However, as @IsrealDMW publicly inaccurately declared I owe an artist money, I am suing him for libel and defamation! See you in court Isreal". She went on to say, "Sadly my Cupcakes, I’m not allowed to answer questions or comment further as it is now a legal case."

She posted the same on her Instagram page and Davido was among the first people to comment on it. He wrote "TULE" meaning free me on her post. Nigerians are saying that Davido and Zlatan will support Israel with legal power.