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Bauchi State governor, Bala Mohammed visits Cross River State to copy the state agriculture template

The agricultural and industrialization policy of the Cross River State governor has resonated in far away Bauchi State, with the visit of governor Bala Mohammed to copy the state Agriculture template. 

Addressing members of the Cross River  State executive council, he said his visit was prompted by Governor Ayade's programmes on agriculture. 

"which is the mainstay of Bauchi State, has given us cause to come here, because we are so interested in the concept and framework which is hinged on value addition, creating some value chain around some crops and then at the end of the day giving improvement within the value chain, in  manufacturing, and agriculture,"

Disclosing that Bauchi State was not ashamed to copy from Cross River State's aggressive industrialization policy, he said the industries Cross River has established have put the state on the map. And discloses that he has also come to copy what the state has been able to achieve in the area of massive industrialization, even with nothing when compared to other states, in terms of federal allocation. "in case you don't know, we are putting you on notice that the nation is watching you." He said.

Describing Ayade as his senior colleague,  the Bauchi State governor said neither skyscrapers nor flyover can impact on the lives of the ordinary citizens like agro-industrialization, which is the focus of the Ayade-led administration.
Bala told his opposite number that "you are bringing a revolution into governance, it is not just about building roads and bridges, but bringing initiatives that will have direct impact on the common man."

The Bauchi State Governor, who later went round some of the industries in Calabar told Ayade that "the industries you have established have put Cross River on the map.

I will want to say that by the time I get back, what I'm getting from here in terms of value cannot be quantified in naira and kobo."

Governor Ayade, in response, thanked his Bauchi State counterpart for his visit and his large-heartedness in acknowledging what others in his position would find rather difficult to appreciate. 

He said it could only take a governor like Bala to demonstrate the humility to want to learn from Cross River State, noting that " With your humility coming to learn agriculture, I have no option also than to come and learn the solid mineral road map from you.”